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Transgender Flag

Transgender Flag

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At our store, we are proud to offer a range of products that celebrate the transgender community.

One of our most popular items is the transgender pride flag, also known as the trans flag.

This flag is a symbol of diversity and inclusivity within the transgender community and is often flown at pride parades and events around the globe.

The design of the trans flag consists of five horizontal stripes, with the two pink stripes at the top representing female gender identity, the two blue bars at the bottom representing male gender identity, and the white stripe in the center representing those who identify as non-binary or outside the gender binary.

The light blue section on either side of the white stripe represents the transgender as a whole. The original flag was designed in 1999 by American trans woman Monica Helms, a Navy veteran who wanted to create a symbol to represent the trans community.

The trans flag is an important symbol for the trans community, representing their rights and the movement towards a more inclusive society. We are proud to offer this flag as part of our collection, and we believe that it is important to continue to fly this flag and other pride flags to show support for transgender people and to celebrate the diversity that makes our world great.

Trans Flag Specifications:

  • 150cm x 90cm
  • Strong and Resilient Brass Grommets
  • Double sided design
  • Premium Polyester
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